Sports Chart of a Child

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Data about children development are received twice a year, at the beginning and ending of the annual cycle. Based on these data contained in the sports chart, after the end of School of sports we suggest children and parents which sport should their child should attend, which sports club they should join in order to continue… Read more →

Testing of motor abilities

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Testing of motor abilities is done many times during one year. With that we have an insight in the level of development of motor abilities, certain weaknesses of children based on what the program is based and modified, and in accordance with children’s needs the progress of children during the certain part of the program is… Read more →

Monitoring Body Development

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the basic aims of School of sports program is creating conditions and work on the regular body development of children. In order to achieve proper childrens development it is necessary to monitor body development of every child, determine to which group does a child belong to, and then to which subgroup, in accordance with… Read more →