Motor behavior of children represents the overall motor activity which is performed by children while playing, in sports and recreational activities, as well as in many other everyday activities at home, in school and during free time.
Motor behavior depends on different components, and in working with children in the School of sports the greatest attention is devoted to, it controls and develops the following:

Biological growth and development of children

Motor development depends on the biological growth and development of children in great extent, and also on the level of maturity of central nervous system. Different growth level of bones, muscles, ligaments and organs, and the development of organ systems are closely related with physiological functions of the whole body, which influences on motor behavior which is regulated by CNS.… Read more →

Motor development of children

Motor behavior of children depends on their motor development. Motor development of children depends on: Development of motor abilities of children Development of motor habits of children The level of motor development and therefore the motor behavior of children depends on the adjustment of the level of motor abilities and the number of effective motor habits. A higher level of… Read more →

Psychological development of children

Psychological development of children is followed with biological and motor development. In the first plan in working with children we take care of: Cognitive abilities (intelligence) Conative characteristics of children (personality) Cognitive abilities of children The most accepted theory of cognitive (intellectual) functioning assumes a general factor which is responsible for central processing efficiency. By using a variety of motor… Read more →

Health status of children

Children’s health status is basic criterion for including children in work on the development of motor behavior. Of course, it is in cases when the children are ill for longer period of time (obligatory rest, infectious illnesses, different deformity etc.) There is larger number of potentially ill conditions at children, but in work on the development of motor behavior we… Read more →

Knowing and understanding motor activities

To make children accept and better progress developing their motor behavior …they should be introduced with: Values of motor activities, games and sports disciplines. Ways of playing games and doing sports disciplines. Values of motor activities, games and sports disciplines Sport for Children provides that each child meets with the values ​of: Self expression – through orientation in space, overcoming… Read more →

Attitudes and values of motor activities

School of sport in its program represents the formation of attitudes and values of motor activity and realizes them through: Learning about sports behavior Leading in group activities (the ability for learning and cooperation, handling victories and defeats, monitoring and leadership, devotion to team); Respect differences in others; Awareness of other’s safety; Develop self control of emotions, modesty and integrity,… Read more →