School of Sports

About Us

School of sport is designed for children aged 4 to 10 years. Our program and work is based on the latest scientific findings in the field of preventive health care, children sports, educational practices, methodologies sports class. Regular and mandatory program starts every September and lasts until June (one school year). During July and August we have Summer sports camps… Read more →

Our Team

Program implementers are only pedagogists, professors of physical education who are familiar with the level of motor development and postural status of each child. On each class in School of sports, there are 4 to 6 professors of physical education in the hall and they are specialized in working with small children. Work of teachers is monitored and coordinated by… Read more →


Creating conditions and working on the proper development of children, developing motor abilities and education, improving the overall health of children, creting healthy life habbits and relationship towards outer world. Fulfilling the need professional and educational personnel work with children (educationalists of different disciplines) and they have the need to constantly improve their work and be prepared to be completely… Read more →