Sports Chart of a Child

Data about children development are received twice a year, at the beginning and ending of the annual cycle.

Based on these data contained in the sports chart, after the end of School of sports we suggest children and parents which sport should their child should attend, which sports club they should join in order to continue with proper body development, improvement of child’s abilities, and achievement of top results in sport.

The significance and efficiency of School of sports’ system is in talent scouting for the top sports and adequate treatment with them, and early diagnosis of postural disorders and other undesired possible problems with children of this age, when it is in the easiest way and only possible to diagnose them (BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD OF THE RAPID GROWTH).

When making the SYLLABUS of the obligatory program of School of sports the initial criteria for choosing the movements, exercises and sports activities are the results from the Measurements in the Centre for Sports Guidance and Testing motor abilities.

In case some of postural disorders are noticed with a child, which cannot be corrected with the program of School of sports, the child will be referred to corrective program in adequate institutions.

Every child in School of sports has his/her own Sports chart which consist of the following data:

  • Anthropometric measurements
  • 3D, 2D body analysis through specific postural metric tests for children
  • Static and dynamic analysis of feet function
  • Stabilometry
  • Motor abilities (basic and specific: Initial, Control, Final)
  • Marks of the successfully mastered elements of sports (that a child attends)