Testing of motor abilities

Testing of motor abilities is done many times during one year.

With that we have an insight in the level of development of motor abilities, certain weaknesses of children based on what the program is based and modified, and in accordance with children’s needs the progress of children during the certain part of the program is determined.

Data about children are received twice a year, at the beginning and ending of the annual cycle. Controlling measurements are also often possible.

Based on these data contained in the personal chart after the end of School of sports we suggest children and parents which sport would their child preferably take up, which sports club they should join in order to continue with proper development of body, maintain good posture, improvement of child’s abilities, and achievement of top results in sport.

The significance and efficiency of school of sport system is in revealing talents for top sports and adequate treatment with them, and early diagnosis of postural disorders and other possible adverse problems of children this age, in order to be able to react on time and adjust school’s program.

In case that some postural disorder is noticed at a child and that it cannot be solved by School of sports’ program, the children are referred to the corrective program or adequate facilities.

  • Increase of interest of parents for physical and health education of children;
  • Monitoring, evaluating and validating the progress of motor abilities and sports technical education of children;
  • Monitoring and validating the psychological development of children in the aim of undertaking certain treatments in working with children, and informing parents about the need for consulting the psychologist or psychiatrist.

Planned system of work in the school of sports allows us to monitor and validate growth, development and motor behavior of children from 4 to 10 years old and it gradually develops into information system for that purpose.