Attitudes and values of motor activities

School of sport in its program represents the formation of attitudes and values of motor activity and realizes them through:

  • Learning about sports behavior
  • Leading in group activities (the ability for learning and cooperation, handling victories and defeats, monitoring and leadership, devotion to team);
  • Respect differences in others;
  • Awareness of other’s safety;
  • Develop self control of emotions, modesty and integrity, awareness of their own safety during exercise or play;
  • Care for children’s health and proper posture

Sports schools cultivated a system of values by:

  • Participation in sports activities;
  • Use of free time;
  • Influence of sport and sports activities on the environment, individual behavior etc.

System of work of School of sports „POKRET ZA OKRET“ is in many ways done according to the model of Sports school „KINEZIS“ of PhD GUSTAV BALE!