Health status of children

Children’s health status is basic criterion for including children in work on the development of motor behavior.

Of course, it is in cases when the children are ill for longer period of time (obligatory rest, infectious illnesses, different deformity etc.)

There is larger number of potentially ill conditions at children, but in work on the development of motor behavior we pay attention to the following:

  • Organism status
  • Postural status (proper body posture)

Organism status of children

  • Children status of cardiovascular system – occasional palpation of hearth frequences in calm state, immediately after activities and after calming the organism;
  • Children status of respiratory system – occasional attention to breathing during activities of middle and greater intensity;
  • Appearance of some small infectious foci –observation of behavior and concentration, and measuring of body temperature;
  • Condition of mouth and teeth – by delivering the evidence from parents about occasional examination.

Conditions that cause teachers doubt are reported to parents with the reference to go to the appropriate specialist.

School of Sport and its professors are obliged to report parents all the conditions that lead them to suspect on something, with the recommendation to contact the appropriate specialist, caring for children’s health.

Postural status of children

  • Spine – scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis;
  • Legs – O, X;
  • Feet – flat and other deformities.

Apart from these examinations, very important for children’s health is paying great attention to hygiene of the body, clothing and footwear, as well as the hygienic habits of children, which are sometimes neglected but very important for children’s health. Conditions that may improve with practicing (cardiovascular and respiratory system, and children bad posture) are repaired by the professor through regular and corrective program, with appropriate selection and dosing of exercises and activities. Sports school puts special emphasis in its work toward referral and encouragement of children to proper (good) posture. For other conditions the children’s parents are warned and sent to the appropriate health care professionals.