Knowing and understanding motor activities

To make children accept and better progress developing their motor behavior

…they should be introduced with:

  • Values of motor activities, games and sports disciplines.
  • Ways of playing games and doing sports disciplines.

Values of motor activities, games and sports disciplines

Sport for Children provides that each child meets with the values ​of:

  • Self expression – through orientation in space, overcoming various obstacles in their own way, expressing feelings and creativity through movement;
  • Activating the appropriate muscles and relaxation – through a variety of exercises and activities, learning about the values of rest and sleep,
  • Socialization – learning why the children play together, how they play together, when and where they play together.
  • Development of motor skills, habits and general motor skills of the child in the process of growth – learning which abilities that enable a variety of activities in the development of motor behavior.

Ways of playing games and doing sports disciplines

  • Rules and terminology – learning various games and sports disciplines ( in basic forms);
  • Objects, props, basic tactics – in various games and sports disciplines, as well as ways to improve their activities in them ;
  • Possibilities for adaptation, modification and innovation of games and sports disciplines depending on the needs of the players, playing conditions, and thinking about games and activities.