Program of school of sports has to include all those movement activities that influence on efficient (monitors sensible periods of development of motor abilities) and general motor development of children.

That provide versatile motor experience, act preventive on the appearance of postural disorders, provide sports education for children so that they could play and do sports from their earliest childhood.

By various and numerous movement, fun and interesting games, exercises, children in School of sports develop:

  • Cooridnation
  • Balance
  • Pliability,
  • Stamina
  • Fear is reduced,
  • Security is increased, they believe more in their abilities,
  • They become better in motor problem solving
  • Children become tougher,
  • More open,
  • Communicative.

Children in School of sports do:

  • Exercises of movement and body shaping
  • Training on equipment (gymnastics)
  • Training with props
  • Polygons
  • Athletic activities
  • Training of non swimmers, learning and improving swimming technique
  • Martial activities
  • Ball games
  • Sports games (basketball, volleyball, handball. Football)
  • Climbing
  • Tennis
  • Rhytmics and dancing
  • Riding school
  • Activities in nature
  • Skating school
  • Winter sports camp (skiing training, activities on snow)
  • Summer sports camp (games and water sports).

Enrollment of children is from May 15 until June 30 in the first enrollment period, and from August 8 until September 9 in the second if there are any places available (during the year we make lists for enrollment of new members).

The annual cycle of School of sports includes:

  • Regular program
  • Periodic program
  • Sports camps for children.

Periodic programs of School of sports are:

  • Riding school
  • Skating school
  • Activities in nature
  • Organized roller skate, bicycle and scooter rides
  • Events, meetings, competitions.

Children sports camps:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Nature expedition
  • Sports weekends!

Regular program of School of sports in week cycle includes:

  • Two classes in a big sports hall;
  • Class on the swimming pool (swimming – training and technique improving)
  • Class of chosen, oriented sports activity (third class)
  • Climbing class
  • Class of personal exercise program / corrective exercises
  • School of sports’ class in a big sports hall lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Class on the pools lasts for 40 minutes for beginners;
  • to 60 minutes for swimmers. Third class lasts from 60
  • to 90 minutes depending on the chosen sport.
  • Climbing class and personal exercise program last for 60 minutes

Children who participate have no problem in joining and adjusting to the School of sports system of work. During the annual cycle, the children go through all activities listed in the syllbus. All classes in school of sports, of any program are done in a TEAM (TEAM WORK) of teachers.

On each class in School of sports there are 4 to 6 physical education teachers in the hall who are specialized for working with small children. The work of teachers is monitored and coordinated by a psyhologist. The method of team work of teachers in the class, and applying the method of stations and polygons are very efficient and multidimensionaly significant for overall development of children. Maximum number of children that are attending one class depends on the size of the hall and varies from 20 to 30.

Children are divided by age groups and time of attending School of sports program: from 4 to 5 (attendee, 2 years of program), from 6 to 7 (attendee to 3 years of program) and from 8 to 10 years old (attendee to 5 years of program), and within each group there are subgroups made according to capabilities and abilities in order to achieve individual approach, controll class intensity and provide efficient work. Classes on the pool are realized by two or three professors.

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