Creating conditions and working on the proper development of children, developing motor abilities and education, improving the overall health of children, creting healthy life habbits and relationship towards outer world.

Fulfilling the need professional and educational personnel work with children (educationalists of different disciplines) and they have the need to constantly improve their work and be prepared to be completely devoted in direct work with children.

School of sports results

The most significant results of SCHOOL OF SPORTS are in massification of physical activity among children and parents (family as basic social cell), providing quality of professional work with children, improving postural status of children and improving the level of development of motor abilities and sports education of children. Providing feedback to parents and society about current body and motor development of children , discovering the cause of the problem and preparing concrete actions. Selecting sport educated children for sports clubs in which they can achieve top sports results.

Way of working in School of sports provides large number of direct, but also a large number of indirect results as products of its work.

School of sports’ aims

  • Regular development of children through games, sports and music.
  • Prevention from spine, legs and feet deformity.
  • Early diagnostics.
  • Improvement of children’s health.
  • Development of motor abilities.
  • Development of intellectual abilities.
  • Selection of children for sports clubs.
  • Discovering, leading and monitoring talented children.
  • Sociological development of children.
  • Improvement of emotional and psychological condition of children.
  • Creation of valuable, capable and healthy personality.
  • Improvement of pedagogical work with children.
  • Improvement and education of personnel in work with children.

The School of sports, as it grows and gets its full shape and significance, needs cooperation with psychologists, pedagogists and others who would improve and complete work with children in this period which is very significant for them, and when it is possible to accomplish many things with devoting work and attention to children.

With Faculty of sports and physical education the School of sports keeps constant contacts in terms of sharing information, modernization of program, development of pedagogic praxis in working with children of pre school and younger school age.

Also, the school of sports follows all scientific gatherings related to pedagogic work in sports which are held on the teritory of the Republic of Serba.

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