Summer sports camps

Summer sports camps that school of sports are organizing for children are unforgettable, interesting and very entertaining.

Children are sent through all day to play and to have different sport activities. Have the opportunity to try many activities that are not able to deal with in their daily lives.

Swimming for children as one of the basic sports is compulsory aspect of children’s activities during the day, before and after noon activities on the beach. The sports camp there are a number of different and interesting sports activities. Through them children develop many skills and make a very favorable impact on their health, especially because we are organizing camps to natural sites with special characteristics.


The richness of this program certainly makes a large number of kids that camp participants have the opportunity to play a large number of games in the water, on the beach and sports facilities of the camp. Since school of sports one of the camps organizing in Greece in the international sports camp Kalivas, children have the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of other nations as well as to develop their communication skills.

Summer Sports camp Kalivas is located in the vicinity of Metamorfosis and represents a health resort. Staying in this summer camp have very positive effect on children’s health which is one of the most important reason that school of sport implement into sport program.