Winter sports camps

Winter sports camps that school of sports organizing are very popular with children and is the most desirable school program.

The reason lies in the fact that children are in full-day stay on ski resort with about six hours of daily training, and certainly the success of teachers in ski training.

That undoubtedly contributes great experience, a great number of camps, constantly training for professors in training methodology of ski technique.

Every day children are being filmed during the presentation of newly acquired technique, after which on the theoretical teaching program participants have the opportunity to see their successes and mistakes in the ski technique.

School of sports form a homogeneous group each day in accordance with the current capacities of the child on skis and the ski technique.

Activities at the winter camp help to achieve a big step in the socialization of children, developing child’s ability to independently care for themselves, teach them to be ready to help others and create understanding about the importance of staying on the mountain in the purpose of their health.